How much FB addicted are you?

FB is very popular social networking site and is loved too much by teenagers. While adults believe in real life, children and teens have found a new way to socialize and connect!!! Are you a true fbian? Check out to know....

FB lover? Are you really? Popular? Love to get likes and commentz? Can't stay away from fb? Or just a timepass? Have a lot of frnz but none in real life? Take the quiz and see how much u r addicted to fb....

Created by: Shiz
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you wake up in the morning and log into your fb account 1st?
  2. Do you have a special friend/bf/gf/unknown nice person/aquintance to whom u can chat with (almost everyday on fb) ?
  3. Whenever I log into my account...there are a lots of messages,notifications..and a lot of friend requestz?
  4. You deactivated your fb account due to your addiction and came many times?
  5. Are you a person who gets many likes, comments and called "POPULAR ON FB"?
  6. Your classmate(you don't talk to each other in real life) of opposite gender becomes a gud frnd of yours on fb and suddenly you came to know he/she has a crush on u...What will you do?
  7. How often do you chat with strangers on fb?
  8. On fb I luv too...
  9. Friendz in my frnd list...
  10. I change my profile pics...
  11. I use fb when..

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Quiz topic: How much FB addicted am I?