How addicted to myspace are you?

Myspace is the third most visited site. If you have setup a myspace account it is very possible that you don't have a real life! This quiz will determine just how bad you are addicted to myspace.

Are you a myspace addict? Do you really want to face reality and find out! It is very possible that if you score high enough to be considered an addict that you are too far gone to get help!

Created by: Michael
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  1. You log onto myspace to check your in box and you have no messages, what do you do?
  2. You are on myspace in the middle of IM'ing someone that you have never met and you notice a smell like something is
  3. You log onto myspace and you have received an email from Tom telling you he has an important message you need to
  4. Your best closest friend for life has been involved ina life threating accident and is in the hospital, what do you do?
  5. You are invited to a friends cookout and pool party what do you bring?
  6. You joined myspace in hopes to meet some new friends and maybe a love connection. You have met a lot of interesting people, buy you now log onto myspace
  7. How many hours a day do you find yourself on myspace
  8. You are so addicted to myspace you are always loggong on at work and have been told by your boss that if you don't stop and stay off myspace during work you will be fired. You immeditiately
  9. You go to log onto myspace and you get an error message that won't ley you
  10. You have a friend over visiting and he/she is one of your myspace friends you and your friend are deciding on what to do and you offer your friend

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Quiz topic: How addicted to myspace am I?