Are you a Myspace Addict?

Your friends roll your eyes when you go to their computer. You post a bulletin crying "Please view my pics!!" But really how addicted are you to myspace?

If you ARE addicted to myspace, this quiz will tell you, and give you some good advice. If you're not, the quiz will let you know that, and how to keep your myspace habits from growing!

Created by: Stacy
  1. How often do you check your myspace?
  2. How many quizzes have you posted in the past week? (you may want to open up another window so that you can check and make sure you're being honest with your answers!)
  3. How many picture ALBUMS do you have on myspace?
  4. How many pictures do you have on myspace? *if you feel there are too many to go through and count, pick the last one.
  5. Do you take pictures of yourself a lot?
  6. Have you ever said something to the effect of "I'm putting this pic on myspace" to whoever was listening?
  7. You often get messages and comments from people, but you hardly ever respond.
  8. How many people/bands on your friends list do you actually know and/or speak with in the real world?
  9. Your friend calls and says "I sent you a myspace comment" YOU
  10. How many licks to the center of a tootsie pop?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Myspace Addict?