A Real Desu-Noto Fan?

There are many Desu-Noto fan's, but few true Desu-Noto addicts/god's. Desu-Noto Addict is, after all, quite rare. What is a addict? An addict is someone who has an extraordinary ability to with stand hour's of viewing or reading Desu-Noto, is able to memorize all or almost every term of Desu-Noto, and see the world through an entirely strange point of view.

Do you know everything about the Desu-Noto Anime and Mangaka serie's? Do you want to prove it to the world and everybody around you? Until now you could only wonder. But thank's to this short 25 question quiz, in just a few minute's you will find out!

Created by: PierSkillz
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  1. How many episode's have currently been aired in Asia?
  2. What doe's Desu-Noto mean?
  3. How many chapter's are included in the complete Mangaka?
  4. How many movie's currently exist today?
  5. Who was the original creator of Death-Note?
  6. Which magazine was the original version of Death-Note featured in and what year was this?
  7. The rumor's of a Death-Note game being released, prove to be true but what month was it released in during 2006?
  8. Who is Eru?
  9. How many theme's doe's the Death-Note Serie's portray?
  10. What American band played the theme song for both movie's one and two?
  11. When did Death-note begin airing in Japan?
  12. The recent banning of Death-Note journal's occured in which of the following Asian province's?
  13. How many volume's of Death-Note currently exist?
  14. What is a Shinigami?
  15. How many main character's currently exist in the Anime serie's today?
  16. Terms of Death-Note? how many exist?
  17. How many Death-Note soundtrack's exist currently?
  18. What is Wammy's House? (this is a bonus question, you will receive 5 point's if you answer correct - choose carefully; the answer is not what you think it might be.)

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