How well do you know IMVU?

IMVU have over a million members, worldwide. Infact, right now (24 August, 2009, 05:13 am) there is 66,235 people online. Its a safe, social networking site, that brings your chat to life. You create your character, you build your home. You interact with other people. And you can be what ever you want to be...

But! It takes a pro to work the pages of IMVU. IMVU have created celebrities for goodness sake! How do I know this? I practically live on IMVU, thats how. I'll happily admit, I'm a little obsessed... and I claim the title of number one fan. Can YOU beat me off the top spot?

Created by: Charley
  1. Who founded IMVU?
  2. How much does it cost to join IMVU, without buying your name, becoming VIP or getting an AP?
  3. What does AP stand for?
  4. You can buy credits, using a debit or credit card. But you can also earn free ones. What are they called?
  5. Which of these status' are not available, when in chat?
  6. If you make products for IMVU, you are called a?
  7. When you first join IMVU, and you choose a name, what word is put infront of it?
  8. If an avatar has a picture of a star under their image, with a number next to it, what does this number indicate?
  9. On any IMVU page, you will see a little message, running along the top of the page, which changes. What are these called?
  10. Hardest question :P On IMVU, you can be anything, but what am I?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know IMVU?