Are You Addicted to Your Computer?

Welcome! This quiz will show if you are addicted to your computer, hence the title "Are You Addicted to Your Computer?". You can hate, love, or be okay with the computer, just take this quiz to find out.

Are you addicted to your computer? Well, are you? Maybe not, maybe so, that's the particular reason you should be taking this quiz. RIGHT NOW! Stop reading, nobody reads this part anyways!

Created by: mSweEzy
  1. You can't control your time being on the computer.
  2. How much time do you spend on the computer?
  3. Would spend a whole day on the computer?
  4. Do you (sometimes) get headaches for being on the computer for too long?
  5. You don't (ever) or rarely go on the computer(internet).
  6. Would you rather go outside/anything you want or spend time on the computer?
  7. Do your fingers sometimes hurt from being on the computer for too long?
  8. Complete this sentence: You ____ go on the computer.
  9. You know all about the buttons, actions, and parts of a computer.
  10. You can't live without your computer.

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Quiz topic: Am I Addicted to my Computer?