Do you know Twilight? (book)

The Twilight Saga are some of the most popular books in America. Read by teachers, young adults, parents, teenagers and well, pretty much everyone. IT'S AWESOME!!

There are lots of twilight fans out there, many claiming that they are the ultimate fans of Twiight and hey, maybe they are! Are you one of these people? If so, this test will determine if you speak the truth...

Created by: nomnomskittles
  1. Where was Bella born?
  2. Who is the oldest (mortally) out of Jasper, Edward and Emmett?
  3. What was Bella's age when she was "changed"?
  4. What was killing Bella in Breaking Dawn?
  5. When Jacob and Bella kiss in the clearing (when it is brief and gentle) it was their:
  6. When Jacob and Bella kiss in the clearing (when it is brief and gentle) it was their:
  7. How old does the Volturi say Renesme will (in human years) be when she is fully matured?
  8. Why did Bella kiss Jacob?
  9. What did Bella look at that made her realize she had missed her period?
  10. What did Bella call Renesme when she was pregnant with her?
  11. What did Edward feel when he learned Bella was pregnant?
  12. What did Jacob say when Bella said, "and YES I CAN have a real honeymoon! I can do anything I want! Butt out!" Hint: page 64 Breaking Dawn
  13. Last question: Does Bella love Jacob the way she loves Edward?

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