Twihard hard quiz

I hope you enjoy Twilight enough to appriciate this Twi-hard quiz. This quiz ranges from book one to book four. Careful though. The questions can jump back a book once in a while. I f you love Twilight and are a Twi-hard genius, then continue here! This quiz may have some questions that involve some paying attention to the books, so be careful! There can be some over-looked questions. If you stumble upon one you don't know, then reread! There are some fun false answeres to keep you occupied as well. Please come along and enjoy!

Do YOU look over some hidden facts in a book? Do you think you read and absorb every detail? This quiz will help you find out! So check this quiz out and see for yourself!

Created by: Abigail
  1. What were Edward's eyes colored the first time Bella saw him?
  2. What is Bella's full name?
  3. Why did Bella jump off of a cliff in La Push?
  4. What is the color of Jacob's skin and fur?
  5. Why did Jane not appear threatening at first?
  6. Why does Edward not allow Bella to see Jacob?
  7. Why does Jacob get mad at Bella's wedding?
  8. How does Jacob convince Bella to kiss him?
  9. Why did Bella throw up at Isle Esme?
  10. Why did Jacob hate the fetus?
  11. Why did the wolf pack stop trying to kill Renesmee?
  12. In the end, Whay did the Volturi leave?

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