Do you know Justin as well as I do??

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DO you think you know Justin Bieber?? But I don't think u can becasue you would've had to stalked him for seven months to gain all this Bieber knowledge like we did!!!

How many months have YOU stalked Justin?? Is it enough to pass this quiz???? I don't think it is but u can go ahead and try and fail EPICALLY anyways. GOOD LUCK. you're gunna need it

Created by: kittyqueen
  1. Which direction does his hair flip??
  2. How many seconds long is the song Baby??
  3. What day did Justin tweet: "Jersey we were fist pumping tonight."?
  4. What day was Justin signed??
  5. What time did the Never Say Never 3D VIP packages go on sale??
  6. What did Justin name his toothbrush????(:
  7. Finish the sentence: Justin Bieber is..........
  8. What was the first song Justin ever recorded???
  9. Who does Justin think would be the perfect girl??
  10. How much does it cost for Justin to get his hair TRIMMED??
  11. EXACTLY what time did Justin come on-stage at his concert in Everett, Washington??

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Quiz topic: Do I know Justin as well as I do??