your emotion, what is it

okay well, u c i thought that it would be fun top make a quiz but in the middle i became very bored so i sorta stopped. you know if you wanna take it just for laughs you totally should, i'm gunna. hmmm...well this might make you wana! (prob not) but there are ?'s bout fruit and junkfood and this was supposed to be and emotion quiz, OOPPSS!

WELL, didn't know i was gonna have to write another paragraph, guess is shoulda read ahead. so, well background info- my name is kayden im 13 years old. live in ohio. yea ik lame but... k well that filled up the box so C YA!

Created by: Kayden
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you see someone you don't like what do you think?
  2. do you do drugs
  4. do you hurt your self
  5. what's ur fav color
  6. tired of this quiz
  7. okay well i'm tired of thinking of pointless questions sooo....
  8. you just skip to the snbmit box, i'm done with this
  9. WAIT! this question matters, answer it: what music do you like the best
  10. sooo.......
  11. LAST QUESTION!!! answer this: r u happy this is over

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Quiz topic: My emotion, what is it