Do you know justin bieber as well as you think you do?

this quiz is about weather your justin bieber's number one fan, or your not!!!! all you have got to do is answer the questions and find out your score.

justin bieber has so many fans all across the world, can you be his number one fan and his favorite girl? find out here, take the quiz and find out for your self, good luck!!!!!!!!! x

Created by: Hollie
  1. When is Justin Bieber's birthday?
  2. What's the name of his newest ablum released?
  3. Justin Bieber has 2 favorite colours, what are they?
  4. What is the name of Justin's pet dog?
  5. When justin broken one of his bones on stage, what part of the body was it?
  6. What was justin's first uk debut single called?
  7. When justin was first noticed, who signed him?
  8. What star sign is justin?
  9. What does justin mostly dislike?
  10. Justin has 2 favorite sports, what are they?
  11. Where was justin first seen?
  12. What was justin's first instrument that he was taught to play?
  13. What's the easiest way to keep in touch with justin's movements?
  14. which hand does justin write with?
  15. What are justin's 2 main fashion items?
  16. Who's Justin's favorite girl?
  17. Who sings with Justin in the single, some body to love?
  18. What's justin's middle name?
  19. Who sings with justin in the single, one time?
  20. Who sings with justin in his single, first dance?

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Quiz topic: Do I know justin bieber as well as you think you do?