What Is Your Personality Colour?

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Colours are often, for some reason, associated closely with certain personality traits. This quiz will analyze the answers given in order to calculator what colour the personality traits implied by the answers would be associated with.

The possible results are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Each result comes along with a semi-detailed description of what it means. Please answer each question honestly for maximum accuracy.

Created by: Bee

  1. For this segment of the test, please select how much you agree with the given statement.
  2. You prefer to be a leader, rather than a follower
  3. You never give up once you have set a goal for yourself
  4. You are always thinking of new ideas and inventions to pursue
  5. You are kind to everyone
  6. You can sense and understand the emotions of other people
  7. You are able to easily calm other people
  8. You think rather highly of yourself
  9. You are very passionate about your interests
  10. You tend to keep your ideas to yourself, even if they are good ideas
  11. You consider yourself artistic, or skilled in some form that of the arts
  12. You are more likely to offer advice, rather than emotional support
  13. You are caring and sensitive
  14. You have a good level of self confidence
  15. You often make decisions on a whim
  16. You enjoy meeting new people
  17. You feel like no one can truly understand you
  18. You are, in general, a calm and down-to-Earth person.
  19. You prefer to keep your feelings and emotions to yourself
  20. You sometimes feel like you must earn the affection of other people, even people you are close with
  21. You don't like to tell other people how you feel- you don't want to bother them
  22. You sometimes can't tell when people just want for you to listen and not give advice
  23. You can convince yourself that you will not like a person, and end up not even giving them a chance
  24. You are somewhat meek
  25. You can be quite competitive
  26. You don't always consider the consequences of your actions
  27. You don't have much difficulty expressing how you feel
  28. You are quite independent
  29. You try to make other people happy
  30. You are quite imaginative
  31. You avoid confrontation whenever possible
  32. You dislike introducing yourself to new people
  33. You try not to let your emotions influence your decision making
  34. You are somewhat reserved
  35. You have difficulty understanding the feelings of other people
  36. You would consider yourself compassionate
  37. You work in a methodical manor
  38. You believe people should focus on solving their problems independently
  39. You rely on logic more than your emotions
  40. You are difficult to get to know
  41. Your work in organized and methodical
  42. For the last question, select which answer best applies to you.
  43. Would you be considered an introvert or an extrovert?

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