How much do you HATE Justin Bieber

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There are a lot of Justin Bieber lovers in this small world of ours but when Justin Bieber sings, a lot of Mrs."Beaver" fans are yelling for a long time and make you want to hurt all the Mrs.Beavers

People who get 85 percent or more on this quiz can join the coolest fanclub of mine called "The Beaver Haters" and we talk about how much we hate Justin Bieber

Created by: John
  1. What do you want to do to Justin Bieber when he walks into your house?
  2. When you hear JB music what do you think about it?
  3. When you talk to your friends about JB, what do you say?
  4. What do people write down about JB?
  5. On MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or other social networking webs, do you have JB as friends?
  6. Do you like JB?? o.O
  7. If your brother was JB? What will you do?
  8. were JB, what will you do?
  9. If your daddy met JB, what do you think he will say?
  10. Will you marry JB?

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Quiz topic: How much do I HATE Justin Bieber