Are you meant for Justin Bieber

People think that there Justins dream girl or that there meant to be together well you have to take this quiz to find out. alot of this stuff you might already know but that doesn't matter just take it for fun any way

This quix is about honesty if your not honest in the end it won't help you if one day you do end up meeting Justin Bieber. and your not honest about what you said`

Created by: Tessa
  1. What charicteristics below best describe you?
  2. what color eyes do you have
  3. how old do you have yo be to date justin
  4. What female celebrity do you look most like?
  5. Do you LOVE Justin Bieber remember love is an extremely strong word so make your choice wisely.
  6. If you were on your first date with Justin Bieber where would you go or what would you do
  7. what is justins dogs name
  8. What is your favorite hobby
  9. what is your favorite song of his
  10. How well do you know Justin

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Quiz topic: Am I meant for Justin Bieber