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There are many people out there who LOVE Justin Bieber, who want to date him, when you take this quiz, you can have a lil fun withhh it :) This is my first quiz, so be nice !! Hope u enjoy :)

DO you love JB? Do you want to know what ur day with him wud b like? FIND OUT NOW WITH THIS QUIZZ!!! (pleaseee dont git ur hopes high, this is a quiz, not reality...i wish it was!)

Created by: Julie

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  1. Okayy, so your sitting on a plane, about to leave off to NYC, and Justin Bieber comes and sits in the seat next to you.
  2. Once the plane took off, you notice that Justin is staring at you, with a smile on his face.
  3. The plane lights had dimmed down, and you had fallen asleep, you awoke to Justin saying, "Food is here, do you want some?" And you found out that u had fallen asleep with ur head on his shoulder! What do you do?
  4. Once you are awake, and u have ur food, Justin starts telling you about himself, then he asks you about your life, you tell him:
  5. The pilot comes on the speaker and announces that there is about 30 minutes left in the flight, Justin looks at you and asks you where your going to be in NYC and how long your going to be there, you tell him:
  6. You exchange cell phone numbers, and he asks you to keep it to uself, you say:
  7. The plane is landing, and Justin quickly tells you that he wants to meet you at a cafe the next day @ 6, you say:
  8. You both get off the plane, and when u enter the airport, before you part your way, Justin hugs you, what do you do?
  9. So, you two part ur ways, and then the next day, you get ready for your date, you dress in:
  10. You arrive at the cafe, and ur sitting there, when your phone goes off. Its Justin, he said he's gonna b late, you:
  11. Justin walks in, wearing a discuise, how do you react?
  12. Justin orders your meal for you... hot or not?
  13. After your date, you walk outside, and its rainiung, your thinking of "The Notebook" and then, Justin must have known, cuz he leans in, grabs your face, and kisses you! :D
  14. Did you like this quiz? DOES NOT EFFECT ANSWER ~~also, part 2 of this quiz will be up soon :)~~

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