The Ultimite Justin Bieber Quiz

Justin Bieber has millions of fans, but do have the knowledge to call yourself a true belieber? Do you think you know more than the next person about Justin? If you really know him this quiz should be a breeze!

Think YOU could be Justin Bieber's biggest fan? Take this quiz that covers all aspects of Justin's life! There are some pretty intense fans out there but can you score 100%? Take this quiz to find out!!!

Created by: Carly Potomic

  1. What does Justin look for in a girl?
  2. What is Justin's favorite brand of shoes?
  3. What sports does Justin play?
  4. What is Justin's favorite NFL team?
  5. Which of these things annoy Justin?
  6. Which of these are Justin's musical inspirations?
  7. Where did Justin get his dog tag that he always wears?
  8. What does Justin feel his biggest accomplishment was?
  9. How many instruments can Justin play?
  10. Justin's best friends are...
  11. Justin's favorite slang word is...
  12. Justin has come out with which of these things...
  13. Justin in which commercial?
  14. Justin's favorite color is...
  15. Justin's favorite candy is...
  16. Last Question, Justin's watch in the One Time music video is...

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