justin bieber ROCKS!

This is a quiz for people that think they know everything about justin bieber, but the truth is unless you know him, u technically dont know everything

I am a genius, but i dont know everything about him, so im technically not obbsessed, so if you think you know moreb than me, good for you,i think justin bieber is awsome

Created by: Caitlyn

  1. What is Justin Bieber's favorite color?
  2. How many siblings does Justin Bieber have?
  3. How many cds does Justin Bieber have?
  4. Where is Justin Bieber's hometown?
  5. true or false: Justin Bieber has a perfect 4.0 GPA?
  6. Would Justin Bieber date a fan?
  7. Whos Justin Bieber's best friend?
  8. Who does Justin Bieber have a crush on?
  9. whats Justin Biebers favorite candy?
  10. When was Justin born?
  11. Whats Justins middle name?
  12. Whats Justin's dog's name?
  13. Whats Justin's favorite number?
  14. What are his songs mostly about?
  15. How did Justin become famous?
  16. Why do a lot of people love him so much?

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