Do You Really Know Justin Bieber?

There Are Alot Of People Who Think They Know Just About Everything About Justin Bieber But This Quiz Asked You Questions No Other Quiz Would Think To Ask. So Take My Quiz and See What You Really Know About Justin Bieber!!! :)

Do You Have Bieber Fever? Do You Think You Know Justin Bieber More Than Anybody in The World? Then Take This Justin Bieber Quiz and You Can Find Out If You Are A True Belieber!! :)

Created by: Jenna
  1. When and Where was JB Born?
  2. How was JB Discovered?
  3. What are JB's Grandparents Names?
  4. What is JB's Dog Named and Nickname?
  5. How Old is JB Going to be in March 1, 2020?
  6. What is JB's Mom and Dad's Full Name?
  7. How Old is JB Now?(As Of March 1, 2011)
  8. What is Something BIG JB always Says on Stage Before a Specific Song?
  9. What Is JB's Body Guards Name?
  10. Who Discovered JB and How?
  11. How Old Was JB When He First Sarted to Sing?
  12. When Did Justin Bieber's Never Say Never Movie Come Out?
  13. How Many Veiws Did JB's Videos on Youtube Get?
  14. What Was The Name Of The Contest JB Enter?
  15. How Old Was JB When He Entered the Singing Contest in Stratford?
  16. What Place Did Justin Get When He Was in Stratfords Singing Contest?
  17. What Year Was it When JB Entered Stratfords Singing Contest?
  18. Did JB Grow Up As an Only Child Or Did He Have Siblings?
  19. What is JB's Record Label Called?
  20. What Does JB Always Like To Tease Usher About?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know Justin Bieber?