How well do you know Justin Koh?

Justin Jeesuk Koh. A brother in Christ to some; a spaz to most. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. He may be a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

But how well do you know him? Do you know his opinions? His ideals? Well, he's sick of trying to hype up this quiz. Just take the dang thing, already.

Created by: JustinKoh

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  1. When did Justin become a Christian? **Frequent church attendance does not a Christian make.**
  2. How many girlfriends has Justin had in his lifetime? **Excluding relationships prior to high school.**
  3. Where was Justin born?
  4. What impersonation is Justin unable to do?
  5. What is Justin's favorite genre of music?
  6. What gymnastics maneuver can Justin NOT perform?
  7. What is Justin's favorite book? **Excluding the Bible**
  8. How many surgical operations has Justin undergone?
  9. Which of the following movies does Justin think is the most overrated?
  10. What is Justin's single-rep bench press max?
  11. What are Justin's views on crying?
  12. Who does Justin regard as the greatest president in U.S. history?
  13. What are Justin's views on the cultural identity of ethnic minorities in the U.S.?
  14. Justin is now 22 years of age and weighs 138 pounds. How much did he weigh when he started 6th grade (age 11)?
  15. What sport has Justin competed in?
  16. What are Justin's views on relationships?
  17. What issue in the church does Justin NOT have any qualms with?
  18. What is keeping Justin from making the switch from PC to Mac?
  19. Who gave Justin the courage to be a goofball spaz and to develop his knack for impersonations?
  20. How does Justin act when speaking Korean with his PEERS.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Justin Koh?