Are You a Justin Bieber Maniac?

There r not a lot of people that like Justin Bieber enough to get a 100 on this if u know a lot about Justin Bieber u would be able 2 pass this quiz!

R u Justin Bieber's #1 fan let's find out with the quiz I made only people who know Justin Bieber as well as me (maybe a little less) could pass this!

Created by: Bambi
  1. What is Justin's favorite color to wear?
  2. What is Justin's favorite animal?
  3. What type of dog does Justin have?
  4. What is Justin's dog's name?
  5. What is Justin's mom's name?
  6. What is Justin's dad's name?
  7. What is Justin's favorite candy?
  8. What is Justin's biggest turn off?
  9. Where does Justin live?
  10. What other big celebrity has the same birthday as Justin?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Justin Bieber Maniac?