Justin Bieber Quiz

Many people love Justin Bieber. Many Say they are his biggest fans and dare to call themselves Beliebers. But only few are True Beliebers! They know all that is possible to know. are you one of those few?

Do YOU know Justin Bieber? Is he all you think about in school? Have your friends challenged you to a contest to see who knows more? Have you said "I do"? Well Until you take this quiz youll never know.

Created by: Alicia

  1. When is Justin's birthday?
  2. what is his favorite food?
  3. Whats his Favorite Cereal?
  4. What size of shoe does he wear
  5. Where was he born?
  6. Whats his Favorite Color?
  7. How tall is he?
  8. Whats his Favorite number?
  9. Whats his Favorite Candy?
  10. Whos his celeb crush?
  11. What is his worst experience?
  12. Does he have any brothers or sisters?
  13. Whats his dads name?
  14. whats his moms name?

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