how much does your crush like you

This quiz is backed on experience or from my friends experiences so if your having boy trouble than take this quiz!sometimes you crush doesn't like you back but that's ok there are plenty of fish in the sea!

This quiz is kind of hard to make! This is my first quiz that I made so I am sorry! It might not be that good but it is from experience and YouTube videos!

Created by: lol
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  1. Do you cetch him staring at you?
  2. Does he tese you?
  3. Does he complement you?
  4. Dose he talk about other girls around you?
  5. When you are around do his friends act strange?
  6. Does he get nervous around you?
  7. Did he ever try to hold your hand or dance with you at a dance or something like that
  8. Do you wear make up around him?
  9. (If you wear make up) does he like it when you don't have make up on?
  10. Does he smell good around you?
  11. Does he laugh at your jokes? ( even the dumb ones)
  12. Does he make you smile?
  13. Do you guys have a lot on common?
  14. Does he hate all of the guys that are your friends or hang with you?

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Quiz topic: How much does my crush like you