How obsessed are you with your celebrity crush?

Everybody has a crush on celebrities.Some people are obsessed with his/her celebrity crush,and some of them are not. If you have a crush on someone,you better take the quiz and find out whether you're obsessed or not.

Wondering whether you are obsessed with your celebrity crush? Stop wondering,take this quiz,and you'll find out! This quiz is long,but I hope you like it :)

Created by: strawberry

  1. How many times (in a day) do u think about him/her?
  2. How many pics of your crush do u have?
  3. Do u set his/her pic as ur desktop wallpaper/phone wallpaper/profile picture?
  4. How many times do u write his/her name on your book/notebook?
  5. How many times (in a day) do u kiss his/her picture?
  6. Do u record a video/take pictures of him/her on TV?
  7. Have you ever called yourself a name that consists of your first name and your crush's last name?
  8. Do u want to meet him/her?
  9. Have u ever dreamed of him/her?
  10. Do u daydream about him/her?
  11. Do u follow him/her on Twitter/Instagram?
  12. Do u want to marry him/her?
  13. Do u have pictures of him/her on the wall in your bedroom?
  14. Do u get jealous when u find out that other people like him/her too?
  15. Your crush has a partner.What's your reaction when u find out about this news?
  16. Announcement:"Meet *your crush's name" tomorrow at 5 pm!" Are you coming?
  17. How many times did u draw your crush?
  18. You're roaming around the city streets when..u see ur celebrity crush! What do u do?

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Quiz topic: How obsessed am I with my celebrity crush?