Do you really have a Crush?

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Do you have a crush on him or just a obsession? Find out! Click this quiz it will help you to know if you are just obsessed with this person or you like him! Or maybe your just interested with this person

Find out if you had a crush on him! Or your inlove maybe it's a obsession waaait maybe I'm just interested.... Whaaat maybe I like him!.... Find out in this quiz!

Created by: Iyazu ren

  1. Are you sweating and feeling nervous when you are with him?
  2. Are you feeling jealous when you see him with someone else?
  3. Are you stress?
  4. Are you stress?
  5. Are acting cool when you see him?
  6. Do you stalk him on his social media?
  7. Does he have a crush on you?
  8. Do you know when his birthday are?
  9. Do you laugh when he's joking?
  10. Do you want to talk to him but you feel embarrassed

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Quiz topic: Do I really have a Crush?