Does your crush feel the same way (Church crushes)

Find out if your church crush is head over heels for you while I answer too and you can learn about my crush have a great time taking this test thank you for your, time!

Are YOU wondering If your church crush loves you the way you love them! Are YOU waiting for more people to make church crush quizzes and answer them!? Are you one of those people well take my quiz and help me with advice I need and I answer tne questions with you!

Created by: Cindy

  1. Does he take quick glances at you & When you notice him does he smile? And what do you do? Ps. My church crush does this to me like 10 times during the service. And I do the same Tehe :)
  2. What does he\she do at your church? Sing? Play the drums or music? Etc. Ps. Mines plays the drums and it's like we're meant to be I sing he Drums
  3. At Sunday School Does he\she looks at you when your teacher ask you questions to answer? OMG! HE DOES IT ALL THE TIME TO LOOK AT ME ♥♡♥♡
  4. Does he hang out with you? Not too often but, yea a little
  5. Do you think he likes you the way you like him? OMG YES HE LOVES ME HE WOULD FUDGE ME OF HE COULD HE SMILES LAUGHS AT ME AND I LAUGH AT HIS JOKES BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO APPROACH HIM AND IF HE LIKES ME THATS ALL I NEED TO KNOW BOO But I think hes head over heels for me *Blushes* ^-^
  6. What do you like most about him\her? His smile, His personality, His postitivity he's just... MY DREAM MAN I CAN TALK ALL DAY LONG ABOUT HOW I LOVE THE WAY HE IS Tehe but I wont cuz I don't want to make this long cuz I'm nice
  7. Does he tease you if yes what does he do? My answer:Nope
  8. Do you like him from the bottom of your heart? My answer:Yes, I love him I NEED TO HAVE HIS KIDS AND BE HIS BRIDE AND FIANCíˆ AND HIS GF but, don't know how to confess my love for him Help a Sista' out Homies'!
  9. Do they know your name? My Answer: I think but I know he read my first name but I dont know about last name off the birthday chart and said my name to me
  10. Last but, not least, This is my first quiz how do you like it?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush feel the same way (Church crushes)