Is your crush worth it?

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This quiz will help socially challenged people like the creator to further understand what it is that makes us have crushes. Do our crushes really like us? Are they truly worth the time we spent worrying?

It's time to find out, before you waste any more time. Take this quiz to figure out whether your crush is worth it, and whether they like you back. good luck!

Created by: Rina
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  1. Do they try to get attention from you, specifically?
  2. Are you already friends with them?
  3. Do any of your friends have crushes on them?
  4. Are they happily dating someone else?
  5. Do you like them enough to ask them out?
  6. What do your parents think of them?
  7. How often do you see them?
  8. Do you know them very well?
  9. Has anyone told you that they like you?
  10. Do you enjoy hanging out with them? Does he/she seem to enjoy hanging out with you?

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Quiz topic: Is my crush worth it?