What does your crush look like?

Do you know how much you know your crush and what she/he looks like? I will tell you what persentage about how good you know he or she is. You may know them well or maybe not.

You will know how much you know about your crush. You may know very much but maybe you don't know anything!!! Try your best. I can try to guess what they look like too.

Created by: Abbey
  1. What color hair do he/she have?
  2. What does he/she usally wear to school, collage, ect.?
  3. What sport does he/she play?
  4. What does he or she do on there free time?
  5. What color eyes does your crush have?
  6. How does your crush act on a normal day?
  7. What skin color is your crush?
  8. Is he/she into video games?
  9. Does your crush have long hair?
  10. Does he/she have retainer, braces, ect.?

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Quiz topic: What does my crush look like?