Should I ask this person out?

There are many questions I bet you have. Afterall you prob. been trying to get his/hers attention for awhile now... Do you think you've done a good job of that? Take this test and see!

Should YOU ask this "crush" out? But do YOU have the guts to make the first move? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minuets you could find out if you should ask you crush out!!

Created by: Amber
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  1. When you are texting him/her (they are at a party) Do they ever say, "You should come!"?
  2. Whever you hang out with him is it alone or with a group?
  3. When you talk to your friend about him/her, do they roll their eyes at the sound of him/her name?
  4. So how many times have you hung out with him/her?
  5. Does he/her call you cute?
  6. Why are you talking this quiz?
  7. I don't have anymore questions! Click any of the below! It wont effect anything
  8. OH WAIT I have 3 more questions to ask! Does he/she look you in the eye when he/she talks to you?
  9. To me when a girl trys flirting she twirls her hair and bits her lip and looks into your eyes for only 2 secs. If you wanna know if a GUY likes you please click the 4th answer it wont effect anything
  10. Okay girls when a guy flirts he trys to make you laugh looks at you when your looking at your feet... boys please pick no effect

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