~Stay With Me Love Story: part 1~

Thanks for choosing my quiz; I worked awhile for this one, but I really hope you like it, thanks again, I need 150 come on come on almost there, anyways, i hope you like the quiz!

The "stay with me" part of the title is asking which guy you want to stay with you through the hard times and hopefully for the rest of your life. Thanks again (for the 2nd time)!

Created by: Flight
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  1. It's a normal day. Your alarm clock wakes you for school. You get up sleepily and pick ________ from your closet.
  2. You go downstairs, eat breakfast, say bye to your parents, all that stuff. When you get to school, you get your stuff from your locker and head to first period. You sit down at a desk next to a tallish guy with golden-streaked dirty-blond hair and deep blue eyes. He's fit but not ridiculously ripped or anything.
  3. The guy looks over at you and says, "hi." You say...
  4. "My name's Aaron," he says, "what's yours?" You are about to tell him when the teacher walks in, followed by a guy you've never seen before.
  5. The teacher says, "class, this is Andrew. He's our new student. Andrew, why don't you tell us about yourself?" Andrew has golden-tinged blond hair and gray eyes. He smiles at everyone, seemingly taking longer on you, and tells everyone that he moved here from Florida.
  6. Andrew glances at you, but takes the seat offered by the teacher, next to Mady (a different spelling of Maddie or Maddy), a hot cheerleader who flirts with Andrew the whole period.
  7. It's time for lunch. You force your way through the crowd; when you reach your locker, your BFF Emma is waiting for you, along with your other friend who's a boy and Emma's twin, Eric. Emma has long, golden-brown hair and hazel eyes and Eric has dark brown hair with glints of copper and green eyes.
  8. You walk to the cafeteria, Eric on one side and Emma on the other. You three sit at your usual seats; as you sit down, you feel someone staring at you. You search across the sea of students until you meet Aaron's blue gaze. His brow is furrowed like he's worried about something, but when you look at him, he glances away quickly and turns to talk urgently at Andrew.
  9. You get lunch and return to your seat, where Emma is waiting. You two discuss last night's math homework until you come to a problem you disagree on. Eric comes back with his tray, and you turn to ask him about the problem when you see him staring at someone across the cafeteria. You follow his gaze until you reach Andrew at the receiving end.
  10. You are starting to feel a bit creeped out, so you turn back to Emma and say, "yeah, your answer was right." You finish your lunch and wait. When the bell rings, you go to your locker and gather your things for next class. As you are walking down the hall, you notice that it is strangely quiet and empty. You hear a noise behind you, and just as you are turning around, something smashes into the side of your head. You fall to the floor. The last thing you remember is a person wearing heavy black boots walking toward you before you black out.
  11. You don't know when you come to, but when you do, you try to sit up, which makes your head throb painfully. You quickly lie back down and wait for everything to swim into focus. Your surroundings slowly blend together: a blue room (or any other color you want) with long, heavy curtains and Venetian blinds covering floor-to-ceiling wondows; a fire crackles cozily in the fireplace, giving off the scent of burning applewood. Two cushiony couches face off over a low glass coffee table with a matching armchair and throw pillows. You rae in a king-sized four-poster bed, with draperies and curtains that you can pull down around the bed; beneath you is a thick layer of memory foam. At your head is a large assortment of pillows. A small flat-screen TV stands on a table a few yards away, and a door at one end of the room leads to the bathroom; the other leads outside to who knows where. A dressing table is laid with makeup, and a walk-in closet is next to the bathroom. You slide out of bed slowly because your leg-mind coordination is a bit at question for the time being. You creep to the door and open it, peeking down a long hallway. You take your first step when you hear someone from another room further down say, "hey, Andrew, Aaron, Will, did you hear that?" You almost faint again. The voice belongs to Eric.
  12. Sorry this was so short; if you like it, please stay tuned for the next part! Oh, and if in your result you get the word Aglaeca in there, that is the name for the bad people who will be explained in part 2; also, I didn't get as as far as I'd hoped with this quiz, so any stuff in the results that you don't understand will be explained in part 2! Thanks for understanding!
  13. Who do you like?

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