Middle School Love Story Part 4

Ok, OK part 5 is coming. Leave a suggestion and rate and comment if you want me to continue. Please. So peace. OH and Part 5 is coming!!! Stay tuned. If you haven't taken Parts 1-4 please do now. part 5 is coming! part 5 is coming!

You must be smart for taking this., wink wink. Ok, OK part 5 is coming. Leave a suggestion and rate and comment if you want me to continue. Please. So peace. OH and Part 5 is coming!!! Stay tuned. If you haven't taken Parts 1-4 please do now. part 5 is coming! part 5 is coming!

Created by: Rockstar123

  1. Hiya!! so here's a recap-- It's during class. Kyle passed you a text of apology (I know, in the other quiz I wrote 'note' not 'text'. But get on with life. When life gives you lemons you make pie. Err, I mean lemonade.)You accept it. He smiles @t you and the teacher
  2. The teacher says, "Again,_______? First year here, last year here, you interrupt class. Lunch detention. oh don't get me wrong. You too, Kyle." You feel mad. Mad that you sent a text. That she gave you lunch detention. Again. Kyle looks at you with a sigh and you can't help but think he's cute. His green eyes sparkling with sadness. His freckles across his nose. He looks at you. --Oh my gosh I'm staring! You think-- I wonder what's he thinking...*Lunch detention? My parents are gonna kill me! Augh...Their not my parents. They were already gonna kill me by starving me.* You hear this in your head. * I'm sorry.* You think back to him. He looks around, horrified. You look down blushing. He didn't know you sent him a message. Gosh I'm weird, you think.
  3. You wonder about Jake.You decided to use your powers.---Jake's thoughts--- *Look,________,I'm sorry. I promise I won't play on you. I swear. I really do like you. I just can't get enough(lolz That song by the black eye peas!). I hope you forgive me I seriously have feelings for you. PLEASE. Oh and by the way, I know you're reading my mind right now.* You gasp in horror. How'd HE know? The teacher glares and you blush. You don't want ANOTHER lunch detention.---Lunch Detention--- Kyle and you eat in silence. It was Prit-T ak-word(I know it's pretty awkward but whatev.). ---Your thoughts---*Maybe I should read his mind. Nah, I already did and it freaked him out last time.Oh well...* You break the silence and say, "So...What's new?" He smiles as if You asked him to marry you. He groans and mutters, "HUGE Science fair project. It's due next week. I don't even know what I'm gonna do. Imma Fail." He sighs. You giggle. Then you feel bad cuz his 'parents' abuse him. You say, " I could help you today with the project."
  4. His face lights up with pure joy. "Really? You would?" Then he looks down and says,"Well, I'm sorry bout last detention. Really. You don't have to help me. You don't have to be nice after what I did." You almost--ALMOST have tears in your eyes. You hug him. Tightly. "Of course I'll help." You whisper in his ear. He smiles and takes your hand. Kyle hold it until the bell rings. "4:00 today, is that ok?" you ask. "Yep. I walk you there. Meet me by the big tree. See you later." He says running to his class. You stare after him and then realize someone's behind you. "You like him?" the person says. YOu jump and turn around. It was-
  5. Doug. he looks sad. He's soo cute when he's staring into your eyes. You blush. "Nah, just a friend.I'm helping him with a science fair project today at 4:00. I'm going to his house. " You pause. Doug looks mysterious. You don't know either he looks sad or mad or jealous or all. you think?
  6. He says,"Oh. I was hoping You'd take a walk with me. But never mind." You try to apologize but he already left. You sigh and wonder how Jake knew you could read minds. ---your thoughts---*I should ask him. No. Aughh...I don't know. I'll ask him when I'm ready to forgive.* You finish school and go home for a snack. Then you walk to the big tree in Evergreen Local Park. Suprized, You see Doug sit there thinking. "Hi." you say. "Hi______.Why are you here?" He responds. "Oh I'm meeting Kyle here so I could help him with his project." you say. "Hmm..." he mutters deep in thought. After 5 minutes he says, "Can I come,too? I mean to help." he says. You don't know Whether to say yes or no. You don't want them to fight over you. "Umm...sure." you say. Just to be nice. Kyle comes and sees you with Doug. "Why is HE here?" Kyle snickers. "Well, I told him he could help, too. Is that ok?" you say. He realizes that in your eyes you are pleading, 'Say yes. say yes say yessssss...' Soo he says yess. You guys go to his house. And he wasn't lying. his parents abuse him. as soon as he opens the door, his parents started yelling and threatning to kill you and Kyle. Working in a threesome was not fun. Once in a while, Kyle and Doug would fight who should be your partner. Then, you finally Try to read Doug's mind. After all, You never did. ---Doug's thoughts---*I should be the one working with __________. Not Kyle. Sigh. Oh well.* he sneaks a look at you and you smile. Working with two guys that are both so cute.
  7. You finally leave Kyle's house, tired from the work. Kyle said he had to do something. He didn't say what. Doug left early to see his mom in the hospital. Or so he said. Jake---well You don't know. Then suddenly, someone gently pulls your hand and says, "Come with me. I need to tell you something. I'm not gonna hurt you. Then you black out. Feeling...sick...Then you fall asleep on the person whom you don't know--have absolutely no clue who...
  8. Ok. Ok. I know this is short. But Part 5 is coming!! So stay tuned!! OH and,Those who don't rate are...unhelpful. Please do.
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