High School Love Story Part 4

Ok listen up the name of this quiz is up there ↑↑↑↑↑ now think about that........ part 4 so if you didnt take the others than why did you click this go back do the others then do this quiz GOT IT !!

Ok it was at least 12 to 3:oo in the moring and i could sleep so i thought 2 make part 4 so if some words or things are messed up thats on you and i messed up on 1 results sryy plz comment and rate give me some ideas 4 part 5 love ya now take my quiz plz

Created by: narhacutie

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  1. Let me think ok?
  2. I got it you are taking a shower when Marry comes in right ?
  3. ″Hello i know this is a bad time but easier for me 2 kill you~ Marry says with a smirk on her face she walks over 2 you and takes out a knife and cuts your arm you scream for....
  4. Whoever you screamed for all the guyys came in (you hid behid the shower curtun ) ″You ok (your name)~ Zack looks like he wants 2 beat the s--- out of her ″I'm fine ill be out in a min. guys wait in my room ok?~ you saying with tears in your eyes your Arm stings you get dress you were skinny jeans with a crop top and jordans ″Theres my sexy lady come over here and give papa some sugera~ Jake says chuckling ″Im mad Hungrey~ zack says rubing his tummy ″Your allways hungery tyler says you cant help but laugh ″Lunhoo is ready~ Adam says from the bottom stair
  5. When you get down the stairs you see adam looking at you like your a Model jake slaps him ″close your mouth before flys get in and by the way shes mine~ he looks up at you and you just crack up
  6. After lunch you Adam , Tyler watch tv as Zack &Jake go 2 the store after what seemed forever of watching repeats of csi Adam says ″(your name) can i talk 2 you in the kicten for a sec~ he looks at you and you just go into the kicken with him ″I know we broke up and you might fu**in want 2 pip slap me right now i changed and i mean it i get a little ticked when you flirt with the other guys because i known you first ~ he just looks at you waiting for an andswer so you say ″Thank you for telling me that and you never said sorry like that before and just hope that you treat me right ~ you say brushing his hair out of his eyes he kissis you deeply you are leaning on the conter (still kissing you) when he picks you up and sits you on the talbe and he unhooks your bra and he takes his shirt off when tyler walks in ″I come in here 2 get a soda a i see you have a make out session and your shirt off thxs 4 the few~ Tyler says trying 2 break out a smile ″Wait tyler~ you say but he runs off outside
  7. Later on you go to tylers room he is laying on his bed on Facebook chaning his satus ″Tyler~ you say in a wisper ″What ,What do you want i acturelly find a girl that is prefect for me and i see you were going 2 go all the way with him how could you do this?~ Tyler says walking towards you insted of saying something back you send him a a thought {i wish tyler would know that i was not going 2 go all the way with him} you hope he gets it he sends it back {sorry for not hearing your side of the story will you gbe my date 2 the beach party?} you run 2 him a kiss him so sweetly ″i guess thats a yes~ he says with a smile that could light your whole world you and tyler end up watching tv and reading eachothers thoughts when.....
  8. ″(your name here) i need 2 tell you something) you just smile but when you look at him he is'nt smiling ″Look i can't date you or hang out with you any more ~ ″ Wait , Wait a seconed why ,what the hell is happening~ You say as tears come down your face ″Im sryy but ....~ you didnt hear what he said because you were 2 busying runing down the stairs and jumping in2 zacks arms on the couch as you cry on him sholder ″(your name) why did you run away like that~ ″Wait you did this 2 her~ Zack ssays he walks over 2 tyler and slaps him them tyler punchs him then you try 2 break it up but it was 2 much for you so you fainted
  9. You wake up 2 see tylers nose bleeding and zacks face bloody and you relize somone was holding you when you look up you see that it is Jake ″Hello sleepy head~ jake says in a low voice you relize that it is MORING "Tyler , Zack wake up to day is the beach party "w-wh-at" zack looks around puzzled you kiss him and he wakes up for sure "im going 2 shower up latera" he says runing up the stairs "Tyler wakey wakey come you are my date 2 the party " you say skaeing him withh that he woke up "hey baby what happen" lets not worry about that ill fix you guys some breakfeast and you guys shower up" you kiss jake & Tylers cheeks they both blush while yyou are making pancakes Zack comes in "Hey Beautiful lady hey you go wash up and i'll finsh up here" he says licking his lips "ok ,ok" you say hurrying up stairs you take a quick shower and then were a hot pink binki(its a beach party) with a Cute bubble skirt with A crop top (i love crop tops i have millonzs of them) and flats
  10. After your dress you rush down stairs when you see all the guys at the talbe when you walk in the all almost fell out of there seats "Dammmm girl" Tyler says (blush) you sit nxt 2 Adam &Tyler When your done eating you deiced 2 re-paint your toe nails and you ask tyler 2 join you When you get upstairs 2 your bed room you turn the TV on 2 Mtv cribs (i love that show) Tyler helps you paint one and you do the other "ummm tyler what were you tying 2 say yesterday i won't run off i swear” you put your hand on your heart "well i went into the furture to see how are date was going 2 go and i find out that i might die" you see tears run down his face and the come down hard " Wellll at least i'll be with you" you say making him smile " Follow me i have a gift for you" Tyler saying holding your hand He takes you out fount and you see a bright red Muststang with your name in gold letters "My mom told me 2 years before i left to make sure you know who 2 spend your life savings for and i picked you" You run into his arms and kiss him deeply even deeper than when you kissed adam "ummm srry 2 interuped but we need 2 talk " jake says looking worreid "what is it " "just come" you go into the living room and find Zack laying there so still "Zack" you say allmost shouting you go get water jake runs 2 get adam and tyler runs to get towels when everyone gets back 2 him "Gotaca" Zack stands up laugghing his head off "never do that you give him a shove "woah llok at the time party has all ready started" Zack says looking at his watch "Let me go change " Jake runs up stairs 5 min later he comes back down with no shirt very musculer and has one light blue swim trunks
  11. CliffHanger (srry im falling asleep) stay tuned 4 part 5 i will do it during the day time

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