my high school romance part 2

this is part 2 to my first quiz! if you haven't taken my first quiz or haven't read the beginning paragraph then you should know this quiz has nothing to do with high school even though the title says it does!

if you haven't taken the first quiz please take it otherwise yo won't know what is going on! i have tried my hardest with this quiz but with about one of the questions various answers i couldn't be bothered with! but other than that-ENJOY!

Created by: me!

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  1. so continuing from where we left off: you finish your breakfast and decide to go for a look about and you find DEREK!
  2. he pushes you up against the wall and says that he is the only one that actually loves you! you scream for help and the others come running to help you! by the time they come derek is gone......
  3. the guys ask if your ok, but you pass out because you were so scared! when you wake up you find yourself back in the bedroom. all the guys are there waiting for you to wake up. when you do all the guys rush over and ask what happened. You tell them that you were wondering the halls after breakfast and this weird guy pushes you against the wall and tells you that he is the only one that actually loves you. the guys look like they all know who it is.
  4. Jacob tells you that he used to be their friend,he is called derek, but he turned evil! He is now trying to kill you!
  5. andy continues: its because he is jealous of us! Matt then sits on your bed(next to you) and says: we will try our best to try and stop him. we will do anything to protect you. Thomas then says: we will take turns protecting you from now on, so whenever we are with you and we do see him we will beat the crap out of him!
  6. Justin then says: we haven't exactlty told you the other reason why you are here. All the time you are here you must choose one of us as a boyfriend. To help you decide every day one of us will go on a date with you the dates will be random and come at anytime. ok?
  7. they kiss you then leave. you have a good nights wake up the next morning and have you fav cereal. everyone wakes up and greets you i their special way(IN PART 1)you go back into your room and get dressed then you wonder about and find justins room he is in it with matt. they are telling jokes and laughing really hard! justin tells you to come in. he then tells you two a joke "Teacher: Why do we sometimes call the Middle Ages the Dark Ages? Peter: Because they had so many knights. u all laugh at this joke! then matt has to go. its just you and justin now! then he says:do u like my jokes?
  8. "well then" he continues,"meet me downstairs tomorrow at 8pm!" he then leaves after a very passionate french kiss! are you excited!
  9. you then leave aswell and wonder about again. you come across the gym. and guess wat....THOMAS IS IN THERE!!! he sees you and tells you to come in. you go in and he is doing go over and sit next to him and feel his muscles! they are bigger than words can describe! he then stops working out sits up and french kisses your face off! you were sitting up but suddenly you were on top of him! were liking that tongue action when suddenly you were inturrupted! by......DEREK!
  10. Thomas immediately sees him and beats the crap outta him! but derek still manages to get up and run away!
  11. you decide to leave the gym and go back to your room. you start to get changed into your pjs when the door shuts! you do't remember shutting it properly!.....CLIFFHANGER!
  12. who do you love?
  13. come back for part 3!! please comment and rate!

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