a hogwarts romance (part 4)

Hello, this is the final quiz in the series. Thank you for sticking with me! I'm sorry about taking so long, I was on a trip. But it's here now!

As always, please don't use any bad language or terms. . . Hope you like the final Hogwarts romance! Enjoy! -- gfh012 (PS: why must you. . . get this count so high. . .! Ahh, Done!)

Created by: gfh012
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  1. You get on the hogwarts express, ready for fifth year, you sit with:
  2. When you walk into your dorm, you see four notes on your bed, one from Harry, one from Ron, one from Seamus and one from Fred and George. the problemis that all of them want to meet you at the same time. your first thought is to meet:
  3. So you go with Harry, (if not, just click "DIDN'T HAPPEN!") He tells you he wants to be your boyfriend, and you are so happy. You both need to go to class, but first you:
  4. So you go with Ron, (if not, just click "DIDN'T HAPPEN!") He wants to be officially girlfriend and boyfriend. You respond:
  5. So you go with Fred and George (if not, just click "DIDN'T HAPPEN!") And they both told you they like you and want to hang out more often. You decide to hang out, they give you some different places to meet, you choose:
  6. So you go with Seamus, (if not, just click "DIDN'T HAPPEN!") You get to talking, he asks you what your favorite subject is, you say:
  7. So you met up with Draco instead (if not, just click "DIDN'T HAPPEN!") He Brings you to the room of requirement, he walks up to you with a huge smirk. . . and bumps you, you think:
  8. So you didn't meet up with anyone, and you sit by yourself thinking abou Cedric (if not PLEASE click "DIDN'T HAPPEN!") You hear his voice inside your head, and you say in your mind:
  9. Ater you talked with (whoever) you go to potions class, you take the only avalible seat, next to Seamus. During class, Seamus tries to hold your hand under the table. You:
  10. After class, you get bumped from behind. Knowing who it is, you turn around and see a blond head running around the corner, do you follow?
  11. Harry finds out that Draco keeps bumping you and blows ity toally out of proportion. Harry is going to confront Draco. You follow him, and see them fighting (with wands) you:

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