A hogwarts romance (for girls)

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So this is part of a romance story. YOUR story. who will you end up with? Sly Draco? Shy Ron? Cute Harry? The mischief making Weasley twins? Clever Seamus? Or Cunning Cedric?

Please excuse my terrible spelling issues. I apologize in advance for any errors. Please don't use any swearing, or inappropriate terms/language. Thanks!

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  1. You are a hogwarts student, you're walking on the grounds, when a boy bumps into you, he has blond hair. You say:
  2. Ok, fast forwarding a few years, (because the boys wouldn't date you at age 11.) Yule Ball Time! which boy do you want to go with?
  3. Ok, he's taken. would you still want to go to the ball with some other guy?
  4. So you may have guessed that the guy that bumped into you was Draco, well he was. and he remembers you. You see him at the ball and he says "weren't you the girl that bumped into me in first year?" You respond:
  5. Draco walks off with Pansy (his date) Harry is passing by and sees you talking to Draco, "Is everything alright?" he asks. you respond:
  6. As you're leaving the ball, Fred and George are walking bye. about a minute later, you're dress turns mustard yellow, you hear laughing in the distance. You:
  7. The next day, you get an owl post it says "Dear _____ when I saw you at the ball I knew I had to have a chance to talk with just you, please meet me next to the left entrance to the castle." You:
  8. So you've decided to go. (sorry if you didn't choose that answer.) You just hope it isn't:
  9. So you go through the door, you see him, standing there in the shadow. "Hi ____" he says.
  10. So, it turned out to be....... IN THE NEXT QUIZ!!!!! If you rate and comment, I'll make the next one.

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