Harry Potter Journey Part 1

This quiz introduces you to some of the characters you will meet in my new Harry Potter Journeys Saga. Hopefully you find enjoyment in them, just as I enjoyed making them.

This quiz mainly tells you what character you are most likely to get along with at Hogwarts, kind of a pre quiz before we get into the real story. Trust me there will be many cliffhangers,drama,romance,the works :)

Created by: ravenclaw405

  1. Hello! This is my first quiz, so please do not hate. This is not an ordinary quiz. This quiz will take you into the magic and mystery that is Harry Potter, along with introduce you to many interesting characters along the way. All in perfect detail for your convenience. Shall we begin?
  2. You step onto Platform 9 and 3/4, the wind gently tugs on your auburn hair, which you plaited into a braid. Your cart feels heavy due to the amount of books and supplies you bought in Diagon Alley. Your pet toad Viola is croaking loudly as she sits on your shoulder. You hear the train whistle in the distance. You glance down at your watch. The train is about to leave! You just manage to hop on the train as it pulls out of the station, phew. The crowded train cars full to the brim with eager witches and wizards is bustling, making it very difficult for you to find an open seat. You squeeze into an open seat. Across from you is a boy, slouched with his arms crossed. His hair is bleach blonde and you can not help but feel a little intimidated. What do you say?
  3. He looks up at you, silently judges you up and down and says, ¨My name is Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.¨
  4. You make small talk on your way to Hogwarts. You find out he is a pureblood, and super proud of that. You told him you were muggle-born and he suddenly looks at you as if you were a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. When you arrive at Hogwarts a giant, hairy man greets you and leads you to the Great Hall where you are sorted into you house which is.......
  5. You go sit at your house table when you notice a small ginger boy sitting at the Gryfinndor table staring at you, what do you do?
  6. He notices you looking and quickly turns away, that is when you notice the boy who he is sitting next to. He has messy dark hair and glasses, along with a scar....wait a minute!
  7. So it is Harry Potter! The boy who lived! You feel so honored to be going to school with him. Suddenly a very old looking wizard with a ten foot long beard makes a speech that does not really make that much sense to you. Then the platters fill with the most delicious food you have ever tasted. After the dinner, you walk with your house to the dormitories. On your way you notice one of the Gryfinndors has gotten lost. He has big front teeth and a sweet cuddly figure. What do you do?
  8. The girls dorms are just up the hall from your common room. When you arrive, you notice a package sitting on your bed. It is wrapped in polka dot wrapping paper and has a spiral bow. How cute! You open it, only to be surprised by a confetti cannon and glitter bomb to the face. After you can see again, you see a sign where the package used to be that says welcome to Hogwarts. Then, it disappears into a plume of smoke.
  9. The next morning you wake up to a noisy ruckus outside your room. You crack the door open just enough to see that Malfoy kid and Harry Potter screaming at each other. Yikes. You close the door and get dressed, by the time your ready Malfoy is gone. Harry is sitting on the couch with the ginger kid. What do you do?
  10. Sorry! Going to stop there because I cannot give you all the answers on the first quiz! Hope you enjoyed it!

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