Harry Potter love Story Pt 7

Yo! It's jtsquared4 here with the next installment of Harry Potter love Story!! Read the previous parts before this one, it'll make way more sense! Oh, this test is for girls only. If you're a guy, find another quiz brother. Sorry, that's just the way it is.

The results are the same. You still got Harry, Ron, Draco, Oliver, Cedric, the Twins, Neville, and Snape. Do you remember Taylor and Jane? Well, they come back in this chapter. Also, you'll be reunited with your old best friend, chad, from when you were very little. This will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Created by: Jtsquared4
  1. Just a little recap. You are at Hogsmede. Oliver couldn't go, so you went with Ron, as friends. Draco was stalking you and you ended up falling into a lake. Ron gave you mouth to mouth which eventually turned into you and Ron's first kiss. Draco was taking stalker pictures of you which will come into play later, so don't worry (yet!). Now your at the Three Broomsticks with Cedric.
  2. Cedric gets the two o you a table. You sit down across from him. "So _____, I heard Olover got in a fight." Cedric said, attempting to start a conversation. "Yeah," you say. "He fought with Taylor." Cedric stared blankly at you like you were an alien. "He fought a girl!" "Yep, hexed her. I'm sure it was more of a curse though." "What spell do you think he did?" "I'd prefer not to think about it." You looked away from Cedric. The truth of it was, you did want to know what happened to Taylor. You wante to know the whole story. But Oliver had only told you bits and prices. "I'm sorry I brought it up." Said Cedric. You were about to say something when a waitress came up to your table.
  3. You took one look at the waitress and gasped. She had beautifull long brown hair pulled back perfectly into a high ponytail. Her grey eyes shimmered in the lighting of the pub, and she had a glamorous million dollar smile. It was none other than Taylor Jemrose, the girl who'd gotten Oliver into trouble. You_____
  4. "What to drink?" Asks Taylor in her perfect silky voice (BTW: I do not talk like her. My voice is deep and hideous). It makes you cringe. Cedric is smiling at her. "We'll take two butterbeers please." He says. You nod. Cedric knows what you like. As Taylor wall away, her hair swooshing behind her like America's next Top Model (BTW: again, same deal. This is the modified version of me!! Lol!!). You mumble curse words under your breath. Cedric asks if everything's alright. Of course you say yes, when you're really thinking_____
  5. Cedric looks at you. "Do you know her?" You say,"no. I've never seen her." Cedric smiles at you. "Really, cause you look like you're gonna cry. I wouldn't mind though, your cute when you cry." You blush. Then you put those words aside. "I think I've cried enough for the time being." "Come here," Cedric says. You don't protest. You move to Cedric's side if the table. He wraps his arm around you. "Look, ____. There's something I've been meaning to tell you, for a long time actually. Your really locky to have Oliver and all. He a good guy. But, the truth of the matter is, I really like you. I've always liked you since I laid eyes on you. It's just, Oliver was quicker." You snuggled up against him. "Cedric, I like you too. But, Oliver-" Cedric held a finger up to your mouth. "Shhh. Oliver won't have to know." Then, without warning, he kissed you. You kissed him back. His kiss was soft and gentle, almost like you were a fradule porcelain doll. You kissed him more passionately and he increased the speed. Then you heard the crash.
  6. You break away from Cedric and find none other than Taylor staring at you. She had dropped your butterbeers on the floor. When she sees you looking at her, she quickly summons a rag with her wand and magically cleans the floor. Then, with a wave of her wand, two fresh butterbeers appear at your table. Then she calmly apple as though nothing had just happened,"what can I get you to eat?" Cedric is about to order when you____
  7. You never manage to do anything rude. Cedric already began ordering. You smile when he gets your order right. When Taylor leaves to get your order, you look at Cedric feeling _____
  8. After dinner with Cedric, you leave him, but before you do Cedric kisses you on the cheek. You blush and quickly walk away. On your way back to the castle you find malfoy sitting on a bench with Taylor. They're whispering about something. You hide behind a bush and eavesdrop on them. "Yes I'm sure I got....." You couldn't hear the rest of Draco's sentence. "If that happens again you need to....." Taylor said. You leaned in closer. You put your hand on a fragile branch and, snap!, you were on the ground. Draco and Taylor looked your way, and when they saw you, Taylor got up, kicked dirt in your face, and left. Draco just smirked. "Think its funny eavesdropping on me now do you? I still have pictures of you and your pall Weaselbee snogging by the lake." Then he got up, and, with a smirk, he was gone. You just lay there half hidden in the bushes with dirt on your face waiting for something good to happen.
  9. You managed to get to the castle. He rest of your weekend was spent in your dorm. You felt sick. Oliver, Cedric, Ron, Harry, Draco, Taylor, Jane.... The lost is endless. You changed your diary lock and found a new hiding place for the keys. You also attempted to enchant the lock so it only opened for you. It didn't really work. You didn't cry at all that weekend. You weren't sad, you were just scared. You liked Oliver, and Cedric and Ron too, but if Oliver saw those pictures.... You didn't want to think about it. Just the thought horrified you. Jane had been a scare, but Taylor is the real threat. And now that she allied herself with the slytherin prince you didn't stand a chance. You replayed the scenes in your head. Falling into the freezing depths of the water. Getting pulled out. Feeling numb. The touch of Ron's lips on yours. The feeling of his breath filling your lungs. The kiss. The flash of the camera. The threat to malfoy. Crashing into Cedric. Cedric kissing you. You kissing back. The crash of the glass cups hitting the floor. Taylor's facial expression. You falling through the bushes. The dirt in your eyes. Malfoy s threat. You stopped thinking, and just fell asleep.
  10. You and Jane were eleven years old. You were at the playground together. Jane said,"when I grow up, I wanna be a spy." You ignored her and jumped off the swing. You slowly glided to the ground, like a bird in the sky. Jane threatened to tell your mother, but you ignored her again and sat on the roots of an old tree. There was a shabby looking boy with long black hair behind the tree. "I know what you are he says." You only smile. He continues. "I'm like you. We're special." You look him in the eyes. "I'm ____," you hold out your hand and he shakes it. "I'm Chad. Pleasure to meet you." He releases your hand from his grip. **** The next day, you go back to the playground, alone. Chad was there, laying on the grass. You layed down next to him. "Miss me?" You asked. "Kind of." He says shyly. Chad reaches for your hand and you take it. **** The next day you meet him on the sidewalk by a bus stop. He smiles. Then, in an instaint, the boy you knew as Chad morphs into Professor Snape.
  11. You woke with a start. That was the worst nightmare ever. You'd known chad for years! He was your best friend before moving to France! There was no way he was Snape! Impossible!! But some small part of you told you it wasn't. Something told you it was real.
  12. Look out for part eight! You'll find out if the dream is real or not, what Draco wants with those pictures, what the twins are hiding, what Neville wants, what Taylor says to Oliver, what Snape does to you, how Jane gets into your diary (and why of course!), and so much more!! Please rate and comment! I love your feedback!

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