Hogwartz love story part 2

Oh, phew, that was a dream about when you realized you were a witch, even though Harry never said anything, well we are back to real life now, and unexpected things are ahead...

Starting from year 3 to 7, you will figure out who your dream character from Harry Potter, Either him, Draco Malfoy, The twins, Oliver, Ron and a couple other

Created by: potterhead4eva
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  1. You woke up on your bed, the Ravenclaw scent fills your nose, it smelled of roses and lilies.
  2. You got up out of bed and got dressed and brushed your teeth, as you went out you carried your usual scent of vanilla. A lot of people greeted you, you were so popular, even though you were a muggle-born.
  3. You entered the great hall and sat with your fellow ravenclaws. and sat across Luna. " hello, Saberina" she said. " Hi, Luna" you replied. " How was last night?" asked Luna. " good" you lied.
  4. " Are you sure, you don't look it"said Luna. A Ravenclaw came and said " Hi Loony Lovegood" then laughed. " don't call her that" you said. " why not, Sameania!" said the ravenclaw then laughed again. " stop it" you said. " blah blah blah, loser" said the ravenclaw. you stood up " I'M TELLING YOU TO STOP" you said loudly. some people looked at you and the other ravenclaw. " why you gonna cry to yo momma??" said the ravenclaw.
  5. " YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL HER THAT" you said. " why you standing up for her? not like she will thank you" she the ravenclaw. " I DON'T CARE IF SHE THANKS ME OR NOT, SHE IS MY FRIEND AND I DON'T STAND AROUND AND WATCH THEM GET BULLIED" you said.
  6. " THEN JUMP OF A BRIDGE!!" he screamed. A lot of people looked your way. " WOAH, JUMP OFF A BRIDGE, NOW THAT'S STUBBORN!!" you screamed back. " NO IT'S NOT, YOU AND LOONY CAN BE GONE FROM THIS WORLD, IT WON'T MATTER ANYWAYS" he screamed at the top of his lungs, everyone was looking at you two now. Someone from Ravenclaw lunged at him. A teacher came and put you guys apart.
  7. " Professor Flitwick, hi" says the ravenclaw. " Mister Lightwood, i will give you detention for a week" says Flitwick. " A WEEK?!?!" screams "BUT THEY SHOULDN'T BE HERE, THEY ARE AS USELESS AS USELESS GETS!" " a month" says flitwick. The boy ravenclaw groaned.
  8. " But Professor, I deserve it, I'm the one who started it, this wouldn't have happened it i showed Luna my um muggle thing" you said, and showed Flitwick your crystals. " Fine, a week of detention for Miss Fairchild" says Flitwick.
  9. As you walk out of the great hall, you bump into someone, you look up and see Harry. " Hi, Harry". " Hey, Saberina, it was nice how you stood up to Luna, earlier" he says. you:
  10. " oh, thanks Harry" you say. " I need to get to Care of Magical Creatures, see you later" says Harry, and turns away. You could've sworn you saw him blush a little, and you think of that as you walk to muggle studies.
  11. Okay peeps, part 2 is out! So, love you guys and see ya later! And also, tell me what person you would like to do a special on! and sorry there where no scenes with the boys other then Harry.

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