Hogwartz love story part 1

You are with your sisters and BFF, on your birthday, when suddenly, a big man who says his name is Hagrid come through, is it a dream, or reality. find out!

Starting from year three all the way to year seven, you will meet he Harry Potter guy of your dreams, and during that time, you will meet nice characters, mean characters, and you will learn the true value of friendship.

Created by: potterhead4eva
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  1. so, quick things we need to go over, your name will be Sabrina Fairchild and you have 2 sisters, Ashley and Ella, there will be a little bit of Percy Jackson and Shadowhunters in this quiz, also your Bff is Riley Hart got it?
  2. So, you and your sisters and friend are drawing ( btw your a REALLY good drawer) " Sabrina, can you sing?" asks Riley " Okay" you reply.
  3. you start singing " Seamless" By Sabrina Carpenter. When you are done, an owl comes through the window while Ashley, Ella and Riley applause to your beautiful singing.
  4. You look at the owl, it is holding a letter, you see. You take the letter, and you stare at it, your sisters and friend has letters too. you:
  5. you open it ( sorry if you picked no) and it says Dear Miss Fairchild, we are likely to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. shcool begins on September 1st. You looked up at your friends and they shrugged. You stared at the letter. " hey Saberina, There's a list of things you need!!!!" says Ashley. You look at the list " a wand?!? Okay guys you got me, now give it up!" They looked at you, then you knew, you HAD to be a witch.
  6. You all go to sleep and you have a strange dream, in your dream there was a boy with green eyes and jet black hair, he smiles at you then he turns into a bleached blonde with grey eyes then turns into a red-head boy, then turns into 2 boys who looked like twins then turned into an --- You almost screamed and sat up straight on your bed, you were panting,you looked at your clock it was almost you and you sisters and friend's birthday. You saw them motion to you. you:
  7. you go to them, you see they made a tiny cake out of the dust, you look at the clock, it just turned 12:00. you all blew the dust cake, then...
  8. You hear the front door, everyone rushes down stairs, and the door slams down on the floor and a giant man came in, behind him was a boy, it was the same boy from the dream, the one with jet black hair and green eyes, your parents scream in surprise, you and the other girls look at then man in shock "WHO ARE YOU???" asks you dad. " i'm sorry about that, I'm Hagrid by the way" replies the man. " Why are you here?" the four of you ask. "Oh you guys are the Fairchild's and you are the Hart!" says Hagrid. your eyes were on the boy and the boy's eyes were on you. " well let me tell you something, you four witches" said Hagrid.
  9. you all stare in shock. " we can't be" you all say. " well, has anything ever happened that was weird when you were sad or angry or confused?" asks Hagrid. You all nod. "thats your magic" says Hagrid. your green eyes were on the boy's green eyes still.
  10. " Well, we should go right, Hagrid?" said the boy who snapped out of it. " Yes we should, Harry" responded Hagrid. " so your name is harry?" you asked. "y-yep" said harry, stuttering. " Okay, then let's go.." says Riley. Then you all walk out.

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