A hogwarts romance (part 3)

So this is the third installment of my romance story for hogwarts lovers. if you forgot what happened, Draco, Harry, Fred, and George all asked if you'd go to hogsmead with them, you declined all of them, and thats where we are!

Sorry it took me so long. . . Sorry for any misspellings. . . As always, Please no language in the comments. Thanks a lot and enjoy the quiz!

Created by: gfh012
  1. You walk into hogsmead, walk into the three broomsticks and sit at the only empty table. A few minutes later a boy walks up and asks if he can sit with you. you think to yourself, 'this is sean? simon?, no, seamus. thats right.' You answer:
  2. Seamus sits down. "So do you have any plans for later?" he asks. "Not really." you reply. "Would you like to hang out a little more?" He says. You respond,"Sure". "Where would you like to go?":
  3. You go to honeydukes, and Seamus meets up with Dean Thomas. You see Harry and swirve to avoid him when you smack right into Ron, you say:
  4. you and Ron talk for a little while, but you want to go to Zonkos and Ron's already gone, so you walk over to Zonkos. You hear, "Hey" suddenly you are hit in the face with a massive snowball. "Oh my gosh, we're so sorry" you hear as you wipe the snow off. you see it;s fred and george. "let me help you." George added as he gently brushed the remaining snow off of your face. "Can we show you around? we pretty much own the place." Fred said more than asked. They walk in with you. "So wat kind of pranks do you like?" George asked. you look around, "Well I like:"
  5. After your arms are full of fake wands and other things you decide to visit the shrieking shack. As you start walking up to it you hear voices: "No goyle I won't pay you a sickle to go past the fence" "But malfoy, you said" "I never said anything like that." You approach, when Draco sees you he mutters something to Crabbe and Goyle, they leave. then he starts leaning dramticly on the fence pretending he'd been by himself to whole time. When you lean on it next to him, he bumps you. "It's tradition." He says. You say:
  6. You lean on the fence and talk. Then you hear footsteps behind you. "___, what are you doing here?" you turn around, it's Harry and Hermione. "Nothing really Harry." "You don't need to know even if we were doing anything Potter." Draco retorts. "Well then you could walk back to the castle with me." Harry says to you, ignoring Draco. "Actually, I have some shopping still, so I'll be going." "Alright." Harry says. "See you later." Draco says with what you think is a wink. After finishing, you walk back to the castle with you're thoughts on:
  7. Ok for you Cedric fans.... (help!) As you walk back to the castle, you here footsteps. you turn around and see it's Cedric. "Hi _____, sorry we didn't hang out today. As a 6th year, I can stay out late, so would you like to meet me by the lake at 8 tonight? You say:
  8. You tell him you will for a little while, but you need to do some studying. You go up to your dorm and talk to your best friend. She asks what the highlight of your day was. You say:
  9. SO you go and meet up with Cedric, he talks to you and asks what your interest are, you start getting slightly uncomfortable, so you say you need to go. On your way up Draco jumps out from behind a piller and says he wants to talk with you. You say:
  10. You say no, but You say you'll meet him in the four floor corridor next week. Next day, it's the third task of the triwizard tornament, Cedric dies. A week later, You get up an meet with Draco, you talk and he tells you he wants to meet you again after summer holidays. You agree. OK, so... meet you in fifth year! Rate and comment!

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