A hogwarts romance(part 2)

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hello, you should make sure to take my first quiz otherwise you won't really know whats happening. As always, please no language or inapprpriate references.

Recap: So you go through the door, you see him, standing there in the shadow. "Hi ____" he says. Who is it? So, it turned out to be....... IN THE NEXT QUIZ!!!!! here it is, part 2.

Created by: gfh012
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  1. So you see him, he says "hi" it's Ron. When you see him you think:
  2. "I know we've hardly even talked, but I really like you _____." he tells you. You feel flattered and freaked out at the same time. You leave, but how? You:
  3. Because you are distracted, you bump into someone, you are about to say excuse me, but you realize it's Draco(again). You cut yourself off and say instead:
  4. "Maybe I'm stalking you" He says with a small smirk. "You-" you're about to retort something, but he cuts you off, "While you're hear, I must say, you're much prettier now than you were the last time you ran into me." His smirk becomes broader as he says this. You:
  5. You go to Herbology with your thoughts on Draco and Ron. trying to figure out if you'll date either of them. After class you walk out to see Harry and Cedric talking about the second task, they finish and walk in opposite directions. Not wanting to talk to Harry at the moment, you follow Cedric to the courtyard. He turns around, notices you and says, "Hello." since he's 2 years older than you, you say "Hi, I'm _______ a 4th year." "Oh, well do you have any plans for free period?" You respond:
  6. "Well, My friends are all doing other things. (yeah right!) So would you like to come and hang out by the lake?" He asks. You two walk to the lake and sit down. you get to talking about Charms class, when Fred and George jump out of the tree and surprise you. Cedric rolls down the hill into the lake. You say/do:
  7. Cedric gets out, says some apology to you, glares at Fred and George, and mutters something about getting a towel as he walks back up to school. "Well done Fred!" George said as he high-fived Fred. Fred then turns to you, "We wanted to ask if you'd come with us to Hogsmead next week?" At this point you are thinking:
  8. You say you'll decide and tell them later. On you're way back up, Harry starts following you around. You finally say:
  9. Harry looks at you and says, "Um, well I- Iwonderedifyouwouldgotohogsmeadwithme? Please? you tell him you'll think about it. On you're way to Potions, Draco bumps into you AGAIN. You say:
  10. He (geuss what!) asks you to hogsmead too. By now you are totaly stressed out so after class you run straight to your common room. On your way through the halls, you see Ron, but you don't want him to ask you out too. You get tired and decide to:
  11. You wake up and go down to breakfast. when owl post arrives you get three things, a bunch of flowers (whatever kind you like), a card enchanted to pop out little fire works, and a mini snitch. You are starting to get driven nuts by all of this, so you say no to all four of the boys. But decide that you may spend a little time with each in hogsmead. Find out what happens in part 3! You want another? comment!

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