High School Love Story Part 2

This is High School love Story Part 2 and i hope you like it it is longer and a little more detaled and it is very Like what will happen nxt or an OmG saying so enjoy and srry but plzz read the bottom ↓↓↓↓

Ok Recap You Are going to a school called Rigdewood it is your first school year there and you Run into 3 boys Named Zack he is the jock of the Group and he cares a lot about Then, there Jake the is the Bad boy of the Group he likes you but something is just Going 2 hold you 2 back from the love that you 2 need!!! Finllay, theres Tyler the Emo one in the group he is very shy and has a wirad way of showing it he is all romatic he will take you on Dates and places on the Beach he really loves you Now if you didnt take part 1 go back and take it cause it get very fustrating!!

Created by: narhacutie

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  1. Ok were were we ohh yeaa so u wake up and your head is throbing and you sit up and see that your in a room with A walk in closet Queen sized bed and a dresser in the fornt of the bed with a Tv on the wall As your head is still throbing you decide 2 look around and out where you are and how you got hhere
  2. Who do you call 4 help
  3. Who ever you called all the guys come rushin in ″I see your awake my little Angel ~jake says laughing ″Anyway Jake make your self useful and get (your name ) a ice pack and hurry~ Zack says pointing 2 you then the door
  4. ″Tyler were am i Dammmm my head hurts~ You say looking at all the Tyler While Zack leaves ″Well ...... its a long storry but you have powers and your going to be staying here with me .... ummm i mean us~ Tyler says siting on your bed Smiling as he looks into your hazel eyes and you look into his purple sparkly eyes he looks nervos but trys not 2 let you see it
  5. ″ok i have powers cool ~ You and Tyler Are just Siting together sharing a Mommont and then its Ruined (srrry )
  6. ″Hey lovebirds i guess your head doesnt hurt Anymore my Sweet Little Angel~ Jake says trying 2 get your Attion ″umm .... no~ you say geting up and walkng over to jake ″Ok i know why i'm here but where am i excatly~ ″Well.. yyour in Ny (you allrady live there befor) and so you will be living with us we contacted your mom she says its ok that you stay here for a while ~ Zack sayys comeing over and giving you a great big hug ″Dinners Ready~Jake says ″Ummm (your name) i really like you and i think that we have something like it was love at first sight and i hope you feel the same way about me~ Tyler says looking at you with passionit eyes ″I love You ~ And he kissish you ″You guys better Hurry before Zack eats all the pasta--aa ~Jake says standing in the doorway ″So 2 break your kiss but come eat~ Jake says looking sad ″Well be there in a mooonet jake you say going back and kissing him one last time
  7. At the talbe You are eating your pasta When the doorbell rings you go 2 the door And its your Ex-boyfrand (you hate this guy but i'll tell you how he looks like though) he has jet black hair blue eyes and a 6 pack abs ″Why R you here~ you say with a attditue ″Hey whatz up Adam hey come in Dinner is ready~ Zack says As Adam walks 2 the talbe with Zack you stop Zack and say ″Why is he here i hate that Guy and For your F.Y.I his my Ex- boyfriend so yea what do you have 2 say about that ~ You Say looking at him and then Adam While Rolling your eyes ″Sry but we need hhim 2 help train you about your powers and he'll be staying here 4 a while ~He gives you a long hug and then kiss on the cheek after all your boyfrand drama you go 2 your room 2 take a shower when you see Jake siting on your bed ″Hey ~ you say walking over 2 him ″Ummmm, (your name) can we talk listin i know you and Tyler Have something going on but i want you to know that i will still love and care and everything i can 2 make you happy and you might no like me as much as the other guys but i still love you just as much!!~ ″Thxs 4 telling me and i like you 2 denfinlly your smile ~ you say giving a peck on the lips ″Well, im going 2 take a shower so ......~
  8. ″I'll be fine go Shower Up Baby~ he says laying down on your bed ″K~ you say loking at him smiling After your shower you just have a towel over yourself (you think no ones there) ″Awwhhhhh~ (its dark in the room so you dont see anyone ″What its just me Tyler he says looking confused did you forget about are date well moveis i meen~ ″Dammmm i forgot but i be ready Fast ok~ ″ok but hurry~ he says kissing your forhead and walkng out of the room you go 2 your closet and see that you have new desiger clothes
  9. Your geting ready so what do you wear?
  10. Ok you r done geting dress when your on you way down and you here you Ex and Zack fighting over or you thik you try to ingory them and go on you date before you can get 2 the 3rd step Tyler says ″Y-o-u l-ook amazing r-r you ready ~ u just look at him and Smile so you get there and you 2 buy a big popcorn and some sour candy you 2 see a Action Movie and you see Tyler trying 2 make a move hee puts his arm around you and u get up and go sit on his lap and curl up with him and he just smiles and you here him say yes!!
  11. After the Movie its only 5:00 so the Guys thought that it would be Good 2 get some rest because 2morrow will be a long Day!!
  12. As you get ready 2 go 2 bed Zack comes in and says ″Can i stay here 4 the night i gave my bed 2 Your Ex and was not sleeping with him thats 4 sure~ he says looking wide eyed ″yeaa sure i would love that~ He just smiles U lay 2gether and talk after a while u to fall asleep in eachother Arms When you are sleeping some Waird lady comes and starts cuting you and is close 2 your heart when you wake up screaming ″What happen r u ok~ ″Zack says holding you ″There was this Crazy lady try 2 Cut me and she allmost killed my who is she~? u say looking at all of the Guys ″M-a-r-r-y ~ they all say at once ″who is she ~ you say still shaking ″look she is the evil one your famliy is royal and she allways want you and your moms power and now that your 16 she can get it each time you age the stronger she gets and thats why we brong u here we must start training soon and Fast but first we have 2 test you 2 see your power
  13. As you follow zack into the lab you look around and find out that it is hugde anyway u sit in a white chair while Zack get the computer started After about two mintes he takes your blood And insted of it comeing out Red its BLUE ″What the Hell~ ″its ok thats good that its blue cause then it means your normal ~ Zack says laughing After he took your blood he put it i the computer ″Ok it says you have teleportaion, u r able 2 read people thoughts and you could frezze time~ Zack says still looking into the computer ″Cool~″ Go downstairs and see jake you will train Frezzeing time with him Good Luck~ As you walk down the stairs Zack has been acting a little wirad ″U ready 2 train frezzeing time?~ ″How did you know thhat~? you say look surpized ″because i have super vision, And hearing so it comes in handy lets go 2 the back yard and train ~ he says tryying 2 show you the way ″K~ as you guys go to the back yard you just cant wait 2 frezze time Cool u think ″ok im going 2 throw three balls and you try 2 frezze them really contrate~ You falied 2 times but then he throw the last one and you foze it And then you just let it drop ″Good job you did it ~ He gave u a high 5 and a big hug ″well... i think we should eat some breastfeast cause i'm really hungrey Tyler will teach you how 2 read people thoughts later ~ He says as he walks back 2 the house
  14. When you go back into the house you feel someone push u 2 the ground and who do you scream 4
  15. Who do you love
  16. Stay tuned for part 3

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