High School Love Story Part 3

Wecome to High school any way this is part 3 ok 3 if you did not take 2 or 1 go back because you will get lost i might not do a recap everytime i'm just saying

This quiz will not be as long as the others but plzz know this i have a life we all do and i have been geting very busy i will try to make them as fast as i can i u enjoy plz rate and comment

Created by: narhacutie

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  1. Ok ummm let me Think ok??
  2. So i got it You where walking inside the house when you felt someone push you to the Ground and then everything went BLACK now you got it
  3. So you wake up and then you hear the guys fighting but your head is throbing like crazy ″look why did you leave her alone do you know what MARRY could have done to her but you know but you choose 2 be a pain in the ass Jake~ You here TYLER say in a scared tone ″ look just beacuse she loves you more doesn't mean that you are the one that cares the most because we all do so take a relitly check~ Jake says like he was going 2 salp him so you get out of your bed and go down the stairs very quitly you stop at the bottom stair and say ″Why are you guess fighteing over me like give me a Dammm break yea maybe i do like tyler more but thats my option and non of you can change that now i'll get my own f---in Ice Pack
  4. ″Wowow what happened here i here alot of yelling and fighteing over what come on lets all try 2 calm down~Adam says walking down thhe stairs 2 the guys ″(your name) can i see you for a second outside plz~ U nod your head and you 2 head outside and jake leads the way you get to this flower patch and yyou 2 sit down ″I might not be whatever Tyler is but i will try 2 be there and everything you need me to be....~Jake says trying 2 finsh his sentence ″shhhh kiss me just kiss me~ you say with your finger over his lip you 2 kiss for what it seems like forever and you break thhe kiss and say ″Thxs for not making my head stop hurting anymore~ You say looking into his bad boy eyes ″Sryy 2 intrup but me and (your name) have 2 train hurry~Tyler says rushing u
  5. You and Tyler go into the bedroom 2 train because the guys r in the living ″So this is how it works you have to really try very hard 2 try to think of what im think i know it sounds easy but its not ok watch me think of something~He says laughing (you are thinking about how muchhoo you like him) ″Thxs you really like me how sweet now you Try 2 read mine ~he points 2 you (he is saying how cute you look) ″ok you got it good ″At about that time Zack makes tacos for lunch your siting at the talbe with all the guys what r yyou thinking
  6. Who do you love right about now?
  7. Back 2 lunch Zack starts talking about his frand JIMMY that is having a beach party and asked us 2 go but you really was'nt paying attion you were 2 busy looking at jake and giving him the eyes ″Umm jake, (your name) could you guys stop that~ ″uhhh what we are not doing anything~ u say as you get up and put you plate in the sink~ Later on that day you are watching TV when Zack comes in ″Heyy... i know we have'ntbbeen spending time with eachother because i was trying 2 give you some space but listin like you and i want you 2 know that i'll leave you alone so you could think about that~ He says walking to the door ″No stay watch Tv with me we have allmost all day and plz do it with me~ You say kissing his cheek he Blushs
  8. You and Zack spend 3 hours laughing and talking and your having so much fun Later that night you are thinking of who you want to go 2 the beach party with who do you want
  9. The nxt day you wake up before everyone because in 2 days is the party and you can't sleep so you just get a bowel of cerel and watch Talk shows in the living room when Jake comes and sits next to you ″Whats up sweet thang~jake says trying 2 make you laugh/smile″nonthing ~ Well umm maybe you would want 2 go to the beach....thing with me~he says loking at you then the wall and you again ″ummmm i.... w-wou-u-ld l-ov-e to but if ...... I'll think about it~ you say looking at your pink toes 4 a while it was quite so to break it you said ″I'm going to take a shower see you later~ you givve him a peck on the check and run off
  10. You are going 2 take your shower and MARRY comes what do you do and who do you scream for
  11. Srry it had 2 be short but i have 2 study for my math test that is tommorw srry but i love ya plzz rate and comment thxs

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