Falling In Love Part 1

Hi thanks for taking my quiz and so yea ok let me tell you what it is about you are 16 years old and you are going to a school name Bath Beach High School and you have 3 you meat at Camp that summer f named Sherrly ,julie,Lala

Then you will meet Jayson,Adam,Marcco you will end up falling in love with one of the 3 of them and then you will find something that you never knew about your self but thats in Part 2

Created by: narhacutie

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  1. You walk into your new school and you see a boy with jet black hair and purple/blue eyes that sparkle he looks at you you just smile back then he comes over and says "³Hi im jayson you must be Amy your brother went here i think and he said that... never mind can i show you around~ He says staring into your hazel eyes "³I would love that~You say with the bigest smile that you ever put on your face "³What class do you have for first peroid i have art and you~ "³i have art to then Math~ you say very hopeful thats he is in every class you are "³i have Spanish after Art but we have same lunch i'll see you then~ He kiss you on your cheek your whole face gets bright red!!
  2. As you walk to Art you run into a boy he has light brown hair green eyes and he looks like he just steped out from a magzine "³Hi my name is Marcco you must be Amy i heard alot of good things about you~ he says as his face gets bright red "³Yeaa umm.. what class do you have next i have art then Math and you~ You say you hope he is in your Math class "³i have Spanish then Math well i got to go later~ he says as he runs off down the hall
  3. You are finllay at art you are looking around for a place to sit there are 2 seats empty by this cute brownish/blackish boy with hazel/green eyes or by Jayson?
  4. You sit next to both "³I'm Amy and you are~ you say looking at him "³I-I'm Adam nice to meet you Amy ~ he says looking back down at his phone you go start talking to Jayson and you learn a little bit about him "³ok class we will be learning about how 2 draw 3 point drawings~ (i just learned how to do this in my art class just saying) your teacher says pointing to the Smart board "³Lets begin~ She hands out everyone a paint brush and paint and paper While your working you look over at Jayson art work it looks GREAT "³Wow jayson your an artist ~ you say surpizsed "³Come look i'll so you how i did it~ As you did it all you could do is think about how soft his hand was
  5. After art you got Jaysons number lucky you Then you run to your locker and you see adam your is right next to yours "³Hey Adam umm~ You say trying to find out what to say "³Hey Amy look would you like to sit with me at lunch~ He says leaning on his locker "³Why not you say~ He shuts your locker and kissis you and then runs off are you happy with that?
  6. In Math it's pretty Great you and Marcco keep giving each other the eyes and firlting and smile at eachother even though you 2 our on oppsite sides of the room you know you like him and he likes you so after class you decide 2 tell him you like him are you ok with that?
  7. At lunch you get your food it is Pizza day You see Jayson, Adam,& Marcco all together you wonder why? "³Hey guys~ you say hoping they look up who do you sit next 2?
  8. You sit next to Jayson everything is so boring until jayson says something "³This my frand A..~ he says trying to finsh his sentence "³we know~ Adam,Marcco say at the same time "³She is Amy i think she is hot~ Adam say laughing and jayson gets up and walks out the lunch room you follow "³Why did you get mad because he said that i was hot~? you say geting upset "³Because Adam is a player wants he gets what he wants from you then he will leave you and your heart will be broken and do u really want that~ he says leaning on the wall You run over and hug him and it seems like it will last forever
  9. Are you Falling in love?
  10. With how?
  11. For the rest of the day all you think is about jayson and how told you about Adam and thoose words he said HE's A PLAYER thats like a shock on your way home Adam stops you "³Are you trying to advoid me wait is this beecause Jayson he told you that i was a player~ "³Well... yea and i dont want to fall for you and you break my heart~ you say your eyes watering "³Look i might have did that in the past but i just dated girls because of there looks but with you you're HOT you have a good presiontaly and you make me smile so please dont advoid me~ he says trying to smile you smile at him he gives you a kiss on the cheek and then you get his number "³Later Adam~ you say waving at him
  12. You r texting your your frand julie when you fall and everythings goes black who are you screaming 4

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