Is He Really Falling in Love With You?

Is he really falling in love with you? Does he like you? Most girls go to the internet and take a quiz quiz if a boy like them every five seconds. Take this quiz to find out if he is falling in love. I wish I didn't have to write so much because it is such a pain but this is the only way so I can display my quiz.

This is very weird how you have to write a lot and you cannot write in gibberish. It would so much easier to skip all this and go to the quiz. I mean how many people read this!!! Almost know one!!! If you haven't made a quiz then do so and see how you like it!!

Created by: fartonyo
  1. When you come over to your crush, what does he do?
  2. Does your crush call you a name? Choose the closest to your answer.
  3. Has your crush hit you before?
  4. Does your crush try to get you to look?
  5. Have you been saved by your crush or your crush saved you?
  6. Do you think he likes you?
  7. Does he touch you?
  8. How does he smell?
  9. Does he ask for your help?
  10. Is he always there for you?

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