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  • 68% do somthing nice a randome act of kindness like hold the door open, give him a gift or save his life

    ... well that escalated quickly

    sammie7 Sep 4 '13, 10:26PM
  • I got 92%! :) I really like him and I'm hoping he likes me to plus his always staring at me and touching me on the arm or poking me I think he likes :D

    Forever Sep 1 '11, 8:48PM
  • 77%, I keep aces these things so where are the signs?

    Clark3 Oct 10 '09, 10:42AM
  • I got 66%....
    wow, buut that would be impossible since we only chatted lightly and we only got friendly because I'm a customer at his shop... T__T

    lilinee Oct 3 '09, 11:13AM
  • I had a 45%. Though I'm pretty sure he likes me. He gives me glances. Good quiz though!

    rachcab21 Sep 17 '09, 5:22PM

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