Falling over Sideways

"Falling over Sideways" by Jordan Sonnenblick. Sonnenblick is also the author of "Drums girls and dangerous pie." If you want a quiz on the book "Falling over Sideways" you are in luck!

This quiz includes ten questions that are all multiple choice. You can take this quiz as many times until you get the grade you want! Good luck on the quiz!

Created by: allie

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  1. Mrs. Selinsky, the science teacher,
  2. When Claire’s father has a stroke, he
  3. When Claire’s dad comes home from the hospital,
  4. Claire’s history project includes
  5. Claire and Mrs. Selinsky have an argument in class because
  6. The students in Claire’s science group
  7. Claire finds out that Ryder has been mean to her all year because
  8. For the father-daughter dance recital, Claire
  9. At the dance studio, Claire
  10. When Claire’s mom and brother get to the hospital, the first time,

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