Are you a true fan of Falling In Reverse?

How well do you know Falling In Reverse? Do you know them well enough to score 100% on this quiz? Come find out as you are tested on your knowledge of albums, band members, etc.

You might come to learn that you know a lot more about Falling In Reverse than you think you do! Come have fun and gain some knowledge on one of your new favorite bands!

Created by: Erin Alston

  1. What band did Ronnie sing for before singing for Falling In Reverse?
  2. What band member left Ronnie's previous band to join him in Falling In Reverse?
  3. Who are the current members of Falling In Reverse?
  4. What is Falling In Reverse's newest album?
  5. What was Falling In Reverse's first album?
  6. When is Ronnie's birthday?
  7. What is Ronnie's real name?
  8. When did Ronnie found Escape The Fate?
  9. When did Ronnie found Falling In Reverse?
  10. How many awards have FIR won?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true fan of Falling In Reverse?