Are You a Who-Err?

Who-Errs are everywhere! Only knowledge can save you from this cracked-out fate. This quiz is kind of like getting stoned... It's fun, but you might end up hungry later on.

Take my quiz or suffer! Do you know that I'm forced to write 150 words for this? Isn't that like reverse censorship? I wan't to be brief, and these freaks say no? Reckanize, b----es!

Created by: Meghan
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  1. Finish this quote: "You want me to do things to you like sun and moon. ____. I don't have time."
  2. Dwight is always ____________.
  3. Are teeth optional?
  4. What's the best policy for dating at work?
  5. You're just about to blurt out a racial/gender/orientation based comment. You CYA by:
  6. The Cube discussions have gotten political. You respond by:
  7. An undesirable is approaching your desk. Deflect this freak by:
  8. You hear a vicious rumor about someone in the cubes. You respond by:
  9. I should probably stop being such a mean skank. Right?
  10. Choose the best method for achieving world peace:

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Quiz topic: Am I a Who-Err?