This is your fate.

Some people wonder when they take quizzes, "What will my fate be?" Everyday people take "Which so and so character are you" or "Pick your fate" quizzes, and it's a question they ask every time.

Now you can find out your fate buy guessing which answers will get you a good fate. It's that simple! Just answer your best guess when it asks you "Pick one word" or "Pick one number"! Have fun!

Created by: DA NEIGHBOR

  1. So you'll pick random answers out of the selections but only one will give you a good fate. Understand? (No effect)
  2. Pick one word
  3. Pick one word
  4. Pick one word
  5. Pick one sentence
  6. Pick one number
  7. Pick one word
  8. Pick one FNaF character name
  9. Neighbor or Player
  10. Pick one number
  11. Pick your fate

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Quiz topic: This is my fate.