memer dog facer artist or other

there are many people in this world some are great some where fate unfortunate fate um so im just going to write some stuff here because the minimum du du duh

is one hundred and fifty charecters i have 45 so um yeah if your a memer great job it took a long time to make this because im slow and lazy and i had

Created by: eener9lilly

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. selfies what do we think about these selfies
  2. you see a meme (now can we all pretend its that memes time) bumps into youtuber youtuber i was pushed through a wall i could be dead not click bait or why would they sell just buttons (camo is on the thing) or just a good quality fresh meme
  3. what was the January meme for 2016
  4. you see some quality art you
  5. you travel by
  6. what house team are you in
  7. how are you feeling right now does not count i just care i think theres a way i can see individual answers
  8. i hope your answering these truthfully now lets cut open your brain and see whats inside answer truthfully
  9. introvert or extrovert? also shyness is not limited to introverts introversion prefers to be alone likes you for ur dog probably universe in their mind queit shy stage fright does not like coming up to people quiet and extrovert well the opposite of introvert and if you still dont understand please choose |_| |-\ D |_|/\/\bees
  10. why are you on there
  11. how fast do you type yes i can type

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